Our brand new breeding greenhouse is taking shape !

02 Jun 2021


It’s thanks to our genetics, our DNA, that Gediflora is flourishing like never before. As a family business with ambitious goals, we look to the future with enthusiasm and continually invest in our breeding process, in order to continue doing what we do best: Making our customers successful with our first-class genetics.

It’s time to begin a new chapter !

Customers and suppliers know our typical West Flemish company slogan:  “Dream (Dromen), Discover (Denken), Dare (Durven), Do (Doen) and Improve (deure Doen)”. In order to make our dreams come true, it is time to begin a new chapter. After several months of planning and preparatory work, the time has finally come to take action.  For weeks we have been eager to share the news with the world, but now that the building work has commenced, we can make it official: the building of our long-awaited new breeding greenhouse has officially started ! The greenhouse will be built as an extension to the already existing greenhouses and will include not only the breeding greenhouse, but also new offices for the breeding team.


Feedback from our customers, together with the many years of experience within our R&D team, ensures a unique cross-fertilisation that results in an ever-improving product in the long term. In order to fully exploit this dynamic, our new greenhouse has been specially designed for the future. Flexibility, hygiene, sustainability and respect for people and the environment were the decisive factors in this process.

Elien and David

With this investment, Elien, David and the Gediflora team are laying the foundations for the future. A future in which we will continue to invest in the coming years, focusing on our floral DNA, the Mum Flowers. Innovating and inspiring with one clear goal in mind: providing exceptional value to our customers and the product.

In concrete terms

For the curious among us: the building work started in April and the greenhouse has to be finished in the autumn. So, it’s time to move on. And we are really looking forward to it! Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest developments.