Gediflora is a global player in the breeding and propagation of ball shaped chrysanthemums. The wide range with unique varieties and families is known under the name Mum Flowers.

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About us

Gediflora’s mission, thanks to its R&D department, is to provide growers with a very consistent, high quality, innovative, 100% ‘easy to grow’ plant assortment. The mission of Gediflora is to make growers successful. We strive to be and remain the specialist in ball-shaped chrysanthemums. We do this by offering a total package: golden genetics + quality + service. Gediflora wants to be a reliable partner and enthusiastically goes ‘the extra mile’ for satisfied customers all over the world.

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3 generations of love for chrysanthemums

For 3 generations we have had a profound love for chrysanthemums. The passion and enthusiasm for what we do has earned us a place amongst the world’s top. We strive to be and continue to be the specialist in ball-shaped chrysanthemums. We like to set the bar high and are not easily satisfied.



The propagation process is characterized by on-going training and specific procedures to provide healthy, vegetative and uniform cuttings. For the propagation of varieties Gediflora works together with partner companies in Brazil, Africa and USA. These companies are specialized in breeding mother plants and picking the cuttings. Quality control in production is our main priority.



Team work makes the dream work! Feel good & Happiness at work is what we are aiming for! We combine the right people in the right place with education and training to keep growing!



Gediflora brings only the best varieties onto the market. In order to ensure excellent quality, Gediflora has a selection procedure based on strict selection criteria. Extensive trials, strict hygiene protocols and the minimum 7-year trajectory contribute to quality products.



Gediflora strives to be a sustainable company and contributes to the environment and society. Some examples of our initiatives are the Mum Run for charity, solar panels, recycling waste, collection and reuse of water. Gediflora is also connected to the heating network in Roeselare that converts residual heat from the incinerator into electricity.


At Gediflora we have a passion for what we do, we work from a gut feeling and we are bursting with energy. We are a team of enthusiastic people and this enthusiasm is reflected internally in the company and in contact with our customers, partners.

Trust is earned by consistently delivering on our promise. We treat our environment, customers, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect. By always being honest about our own abilities, we demonstrate authenticity. By listening to our customers, we show our commitment. By reacting effectively to what we hear, we become reliable and trustworthy.

Mum Flowers is a golden combination of unique genetics, rigorous selection and daring creativity. We believe that innovation and creativity are an essential source of growth and profit for our customers and for ourselves. Improvement, innovation, uniformity, nice round shape, exceptional plant quality, “Easy to Grow”, families are the main focuses of our R&D department.

We want to make a difference. We want to be the front runner. Leading the way. We have a passion to surprise our customers by delivering greater value than expected.

This value is inspired by the slogan of the company: Dream, Discover, Dare, Do, Go on and Do better!

*’deuredoen’ is a typical West Flemish word for ‘going on’, a characteristic of the mentality of the region. This means: always keep on working.

Mum Magazine

In our Mum Magazines you can read who we are, what we do and most of all how we do it. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know our team.

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Mum Beer

Because of our passion for chrysanthemums, we developed a full bodied beer based on extracts from chrysanthemum petals. We are very proud to present you our Mum Beer.

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