The perfect match: Bees x Chrysanthemums

20 May 2024

In autumn, as the streets quietly acquire a golden hue, bees buzz around in search of their favorite autumn treat: chrysanthemums. This duo – bees and chrysanthemums – together forms a match made in heaven.



Chrysanthemums as the biggest autumn player

The bees, busy in their quest for golden nectar, are welcomed by chrysanthemums blooming exuberantly in shades ranging from soft yellow to deep orange and red.

This species is known as the flowers of autumn, and rightly so. While other flowers shed their petals, chrysanthemums steadfastly continue to bloom, making them an essential source of nectar and pollen for bees preparing for the cold months ahead.


The interplay of nature

The symbiotic relationship between bees and chrysanthemums is a beautiful example of how different elements of nature collaborate to form a harmonious whole. While bees indulge in the sweet nectar of the flowers, they unknowingly contribute to the reproduction and spread of chrysanthemums. In return, the chrysanthemums provide the bees with the nutrients they need to survive.



So, the next time you see a bee buzzing around a chrysanthemum, know that you are witnessing an autumnal romance. Because in the world of nature, some combinations are simply irresistible.

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