“That gorgeous flower !”  This is the answer we get again and again when we ask the growers why they like the Umbra so much. The Umbra variety clearly stands out from all other varieties when it comes to the quality and size of the flower. With a flower diameter of almost 7 cm it is by far the largest flower in the range.  The launch of Umbra Orange and Umbra Red means that this top plant is now available in four different colours. The Umbra is ideally suited for outdoor cultivation and thrives in both large and small flower pots.  However, as it is not one of the strongest growing varieties, it is better in this case to choose another variety for diameters of 55 cm or larger. It naturally flowers in week 36, but keep in mind that this depends on the weather conditions and therefore varies accordingly. Due to its long shelf life, the Umbra is the ideal variety for all those growers and retailers who are looking to add extra consumer value to their assortment.