senga pink c

Senga has meanwhile become a fixed item in the assortment of many growers. This year the Senga range will get a little brother or sister: the Senga Pink. It’s an absolute winner in the making: it has all the strengths of the  Senga Mauve combined with a bright pink colour.  With its reaction time of 6 weeks, the Senga is ideally suited for obscured cultivation and retains its typically intense colour and large flowers even when grown in greenhouses. Our tip: When growing outdoors, avoid places where the soil is too dry for the Senga. Especially in the early stages of cultivation, it is important that it gets a good start. Finally, something worth knowing: Senga Pink, like Senga Mauve, has the characteristic that the flowers open gradually. This means that the variety can be offered and bought over a longer period of time.