Visit Athena (Brazil)

15 Feb 2018

Last week, our Belgian colleagues visited Athena in Brazil. The Belgian team did a general quality check. They observed whether the mother plants have been planted on schedule for the production of the cuttings of 2018. They also checked whether there are too few/sufficient/too many mother plants. In addition, they inspected whether the mother plants are maintained properly and if the infrastructure is in order to grow well.

Michiel (planning & procurement) and Lore (production & quality) were informed about Athena’s procedure to carry out a quality check on the picking of the cuttings. Athena checks whether the number of cuttings picked is correct, whether they all have the same length and whether they have the same diameter for a particular class.

This way we can with piece of mind look forward to the delivery of the cuttings which meet the high quality requirements of Gediflora.

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