The flower that never disappoints

03 May 2024

The flower that never disappoints


Who would have thought that such a modest flower had so much to offer? Yes, we’re talking about the chrysanthemum! Let’s be honest, this flower has a dusty image, and that’s unjustified. Many people don’t realize how versatile the chrysanthemum is. It’s a true all-rounder! They brighten up your garden and living room, purify the air, possess natural healing powers and are edible. Talk about versatility.


Medicinal Power


The chrysanthemum originated in China, where the medicinal power of the flower has convinced inhabitants for centuries. Dizziness, headaches, cardiovascular diseases or high cholesterol, this flower seems to handle it all.

In addition to its medicinal power, Chinese and Japanese people are also fans of chrysanthemums in tea, wine or beer. It may sound strange, but it’s believed to be healthy to drink a glass of wine daily with a chrysanthemum leaf at the bottom. In China and Japan, they promise you an eternal, healthy life if you do this. So what are we waiting for?


It’s clear that the chrysanthemum is versatile and has a lot to offer.


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