New varieties 2023

26 Oct 2022

Thanks to our golden combination of unique genetics, strict selection and daring creativity, we can welcome several new varieties to our range this year. This year we are proud to present 8 new varieties: Umbra Orange, Umbra Red, Tekoko Yellow, Koori Orange, Muga Merlot, Baria Orange, Sorini Pink & Senga Pink.

Tekoko Yellow

Tekoko is a spider type chrysanthemum, which even when in bud cannot hide the fact that it is different from the classic chrysanthemum. The Tekoko produces large and brightly coloured flower buds that open in week 38 into a large, intense yellow flower, that perfectly matches the copper-coloured flower of the Tekoko Orange. The Tekoko feels most at home outdoors, but is also suitable for obscured cultivation. Our tip: the Tekoko could be Baoli’s little brother or sister, as they are the perfect match in growth and flowering.

Koori Orange

Our team is unanimous: the Koori will be one of the best sellers in our assortment. It is one of those varieties that you cannot categorize but which you immediately know definitely has a future. An incredibly strong plant, an attractive flower bud, a large double flower with a two-tone look and now also available in orange. The Koori has a  dark, shiny foliage and is suitable for cultivation in a greenhouse or outdoors. In addition, Koori fits all pot sizes. Naturally flowering in week 39, Koori is also perfectly suited for obscured cultivation. It is an absolute winner in the making !

Umbra Orange & Red

“That gorgeous flower !”  This is the answer we get again and again when we ask the growers why they like the Umbra so much. The Umbra variety clearly stands out from all other varieties when it comes to the quality and size of the flower. With a flower diameter of almost 7 cm it is by far the largest flower in the range.

The launch of Umbra Orange and Umbra Red means that this top plant is now available in four different colours. The Umbra is ideally suited for outdoor cultivation and thrives in both large and small flower pots.  However, as it is not one of the strongest growing varieties, it is better in this case to choose another variety for diameters of 55 cm or larger. It naturally flowers in week 36, but keep in mind that this depends on the weather conditions and therefore varies accordingly. Due to its long shelf life, the Umbra is the ideal variety for all those growers and retailers who are looking to add extra consumer value to their assortment.

Muga Merlot

‘Muga Merlot’ not only sounds like the name of a red wine, but it also has the appearance of one of the best red wines due to its colour which varies between ruby red and velvet purple. The strongest selling point of the Muga Merlot, which flowers outdoors in week 40 and indoors in week 41, is its unique colour, as well as being a very consistent plant which stands out for its evenly balanced growth. The Muga Merlot grows exceedingly well, is extremely robust and has an excellent shelf life. It is therefore the perfect addition to the range for those looking for real added value.

Baria Orange

Did you know that Baria is the name of a major pepper producer? No wonder then, that this perfectly matches the high standard of our new  introduction: the Baria Orange. The Baria is a real eye-catcher with its two-coloured bright orange flower which is both distinctive and visually very attractive. And that is why you can be sure of one thing: once your customers have ordered a Baria, they will definitely come back for more. Baria Orange flowers in week 41, is a beautifully adaptable plant and stands out for its uniformity. A superb addition to our assortment.

Senga Pink

Senga has meanwhile become a fixed item in the assortment of many growers. This year the Senga range will get a little brother or sister: the Senga Pink. It’s an absolute winner in the making: it has all the strengths of the  Senga Mauve combined with a bright pink colour.  With its reaction time of 6 weeks, the Senga is ideally suited for obscured cultivation and retains its typically intense colour and large flowers even when grown in greenhouses. Our tip: When growing outdoors, avoid places where the soil is too dry for the Senga. Especially in the early stages of cultivation, it is important that it gets a good start. Finally, something worth knowing: Senga Pink, like Senga Mauve, has the characteristic that the flowers open gradually. This means that the variety can be offered and bought over a longer period of time.

Sorini Pink

Sorini is one of our most promising lines. With the launch of the Sorini Pink, the potential of the Sorini line is increasing all the time. The Sorini Pink is, just like the Sorini Mauve, a fast-growing plant with large, fully double flowers of 6 cm in diameter. The Sorini is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation, as in the greenhouse it grows a little too quickly. Due to its excellent growing ability, it is ideally suited for the larger pot sizes, easily filling flower pots of 21 cm without any problems.  Its reaction time of only 5 weeks makes it particularly suitable for obscured cultivation. By the way, we can already let you in on a little secret: even more colours will be added in the near future !


We hope you’ll love our new varieties as much as we do!

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