New varieties 2022

13 Jan 2022

Thanks to our golden combination of unique genetics, strict selection and daring creativity, we can welcome several new varieties to our range each year. This year we are proud to present 8 new varieties: Banfi White, Cipriani Pink, Osteria Orange, Possidi Yellow, Koori Pink, Pomax Pink, Tekoko Orange and Penera Red


It is sometimes remarked that in our profession we are sellers of beauty: in the case of Cipriani we can take this quite literally. The contrast between the intense pink flowers and the dark foliage reveals an unprecedented appearance. The perfect ball shape is our trademark, but rarely have we seen a product launch that matches this description perfectly. Cipriani reveals  its colour in week 36 and is therefore ideally suited for unobscured outdoor cultivation. It flowers shortly before the Arluno family, which makes it an excellent addition to our range. Its relatively compact growth makes it one of the few early varieties that also thrives in the greenhouse.

Banfi White

“Fireworks? A splashing drop of water ? A shooting star? Or perhaps a bottle of champagne uncorked with a pop ?” – these were just a few of the attempts to describe Banfi’s emerging bud formation. We have to admit, you have to actually see it with your own eyes to understand what it’s all about. The unique bud, the pure white colour, the single flower with its yellow heart and the fine petals create a very special effect. Despite its refined elegance, Banfi is incredibly hardy: its flowers are weather resistant and the plant is very resistant to soil-borne diseases. Naturally flowering in week 42 and a short reaction time of 6 weeks, makes Banfi extremely versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation We are convinced: Banfi will become a true future classic.

Osteria Orange

Aperol Spritz. In fact, that’s the best way to describe the extraordinary colour of the Osteria Orange. It is therefore no coincidence  that “osteria” means “inn” or “bar” in Italian, because this colour makes us think of a sunny terrace, an ice-cold drink and the bright blue sea on the horizon. Osteria flowers at the beginning of week 42 with flowers that are almost twice the size of the classic varieties. Its large flowers make it very appealing visually thereby making it perfect for an impulse sale. Because of its flexibility, this variety can be wrapped up in a sleeve quickly and easily. If you want to sell Osteria earlier, then you should keep in mind that there is a reaction time of 6 weeks. To be honest, although we shouldn’t reveal it yet, Osteria will get a little brother or sister next year!


Penera Red

Penera is one of the specialists’ favourites. Its companion, the Penera Mauve, has been part of our assortment for a few years now and has become a firm favourite with a large number of our customers. The Penera stands out with its bright colour and the unusually long shelf life of its flowers. With the introduction of the Penera Red, we want to continue the success of the Penera Mauve, because this variety combines all the positive features of the Penera Mauve, but with a dark red colour. Just like the Penera Mauve, the Penra Red doesn’t fade. The Penera flowers in week 39-40 and combines very well with the Possidi.

Possidi Yellow

For the majority of markets, yellow and white are the most popular colours in our range. That is  why we are eager to introduce our Possidi Yellow. As the sibling of the Possidi White, the Possidi Yellow is a perfect complement. Like the Possidi White, the Possidi Yellow is a spider type chrysanthemum that is best suited for outdoor cultivation. The lime-yellow flowers are larger than average and long lasting. Naturally flowering in week 39, Possidi combines very well with Penera, of which Penera Red is a new introduction this year.


Our team is unanimous: Koori will be one of the best sellers in our assortment. It is one of those varieties that you cannot categorize but which you immediately know that it definitely has a future. An incredibly strong plant, an attractive flower bud, a large double flower with a two-tone look and who knows, there may be even more colours to follow in the future. Koori has a  dark, shiny foliage and can be cultivated both in a greenhouse as well as outdoors. In addition, Koori fits all pot sizes. Naturally flowering in week 39 Koori is also perfectly suited for obscured cultivation. It is an absolute winner in the making !

Pomax Pink

With Pomax Pink we can tick off one of the boxes on our breeding wish list: an intense pink for the late flowering weeks. Moreover, Pomax Pink exceeds our wildest expectations with its perfect ball shape, strong root formation and its fantastic intense pink colour. And as icing on the cake, the flower has an attractive two-tone look that becomes even stronger as the flowering progresses. Pomax Pink joins Pomax Purple and Pomax Red. This mini family is an excellent choice for spontaneous flowering and obscured cultivation. When obscuring, allow a reaction time of 7 and a half weeks. Pomax is a flexible plant that is not prone to breaking or falling open and is therefore particularly suitable for being grown in larger sizes.

Tekoko Orange

Te Koko is an island off the coast of New Zealand. The island is known for its fantastic sunsets, and we couldn’t find a better description for the colour of our Tekoko: a stunning warm orange. Tekoko is a spider type chrysanthemum, which even when in bud cannot hide the fact that it is different from the classic chrysanthemum. Tekoko produces large and brightly coloured flower buds that open in week 38 with a large, intense copper-coloured flower. Tekoko feels most at home outdoors, but can also be perfectly obscured without any problems. Our tip: Tekoko could be Baoli’s little brother or sister, as they are the perfect match in growth and flowering.