It’s your MUMent campaign

16 Sep 2020

Belgian Mums becomes Mum Flowers

From now on, our wide range of unique varieties and families is known as Mum Flowers. Our ball-shaped chrysanthemums, formerly known as Belgian Mums, are continuously selected based on various characteristics such as color, shape, flower size and especially shelf life. The brand values of MUM Flowers are: carefree enjoyment, an incomparable color explosion and an atmosphere that lasts for weeks. Our favorite colorful autumn bloomers deserve not only a new name, but also a new campaign.

It’s your #MUMent

The campaign”It’s your #MUMent” puts our consumers in the spotlight. Because every #MUMent deserves MUM Flowers.  From mid-September until the end of October, consumers will not be able to ignore our It’s your #MUMent campaign in specialist garden shops. A colorful campaign to put MUM Flowers in the spotlight, among growers, in the points of sale and among consumers. The consumer can win a balloon ride with the MUM Flowers hot air balloon when buying a pot of MUM Flowers. With POS material that is as colorful as flowers themselves, it will be difficult to overlook the campaign.