Hygiene: the key to our success

10 Oct 2022

The construction of a new breeding greenhouse is not only challenging but also an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at our strict hygiene procedures and fine-tune them where necessary to suit our new infrastructure.

To better counter the spread of diseases and pests, a modern hygiene entrance has therefore been fitted in the new greenhouse with individual changing rooms and work clothes that must not leave the greenhouse. Moreover, the hygiene entrance is also equipped with a new sanitation station where hands and shoes are thoroughly disinfected before entering the greenhouse.

After all, hygiene is the cornerstone of our organisation. By implementing effective  phytosanitary measures, we are able to deliver healthy propagation material that the customer expects from us year after year.

Meanwhile, the new greenhouses are now fully operational. We have already noticed that they will be at the heart of many inspiring introductions in the near future !