Hey Soulsister!

05 Nov 2018

We are very proud to present you our latest creation: the Jazzy Soulsisters. These jazzy sisters are super cute and come in six bright colours: yellow, pink, purple, red, orange and white. These mini Mums are available in a size 13 pot or smaller and are perfectly suitable for obscured cultivation.

In order to entice customers to purchase, this jazzy family comes with some hip point-of-sales items. Cultivators can choose to offer the Soulsisters to their customers in a small pot with a cover and/or with a leaflet containing girly stickers and catchy quotes mounted on a stick.

The Jazzy Soulsisters feel completely at home either outdoors or indoors. They are the ideal decoration to add that extra touch of colour and style to your kitchen, living room, workspace, …  In a nutshell, they give every space that swinging vibe.

More info about the Jazzy Soulsisters? Click here to read our flyer.