Here are the Jazzy Soul Sisters

08 Jan 2019

We are very proud to present to you our latest creation: the Jazzy Soul Sisters. These jazzy sisters are super cute and come in six bright colours: yellow, pink, dark pink, red, orange and white. The sisters are part of the same family, so all the colours react and grow in the same way.

Their reaction time is six weeks and they need little or no inhibiting. In addition, this new family does not need to be pinched, they branch out perfectly naturally. With a good shelf life and harvest tolerance, the jazzy sisters represent new, stable certainties. It allows attractive combinations, which flower simultaneously.

The flowering occurs naturally in week 43, which means that the Soul Sisters can be grown throughout the season. Moreover, they are not susceptible to bud formation when potted early.

The jazzy family comes with some hip point-of-sales items. Growers can choose to offer the Soulsisters to their customers in a small pot witha cover and/or with a leaflet containing stickers and catchy quotes mounted on a stick.