Gediflora joins the fight against plastic pollution

18 Feb 2019

As a company firmly committed to sustainability, Gediflora is contributing positively to the protection of the environment and society…. Examples of initiatives taken by Gediflora so far include its solar panels, collection and reuse of waste water, and the use of residual heat from a local heating network. This impressive list has now been extended to include purified water due to the installation of a water filter which allows all our employees to drink purified water free of charge. They can choose between cold water, water at room temperature as well as sparkling water. This is Gediflora’s way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. After all, water is the essence for a healthy body.

What is even more important however, is the commitment to ban the use of plastic as much as possible in our company by trying in different ways to minimize its use. By using this new water filter Gediflora also intends to fight against the use of plastic (water) bottles. For this reason, every employee received a reusable water bottle in Gediflora’s typical yellow colour as a New Year’s gift. “We are delighted that these water bottles are being used on a large scale by our employees”, says CEO Elien Pieters. In addition, glass bottles are also provided to enable visitors to enjoy the purified tap water. This new initiative is not only a great gift for today’s team but also for the future of our planet.