Gediflora invests in a greener future

26 May 2020

Dream, discover, dare, do, go on and do better ! These key words of the Gediflora slogan equally apply where sustainability is concerned. Thanks to our continuous efforts, Gediflora has succeeded in reducing its ecological footprint by a good 40% over the past three years. As a result, the company’s impact on the environment has been significantly reduced and we are now committed to working towards a greener future.

By introducing a substrate with less peat, we have been able to significantly reduce our usage of peat. This also has a major impact on CO2 emissions, because the extraction of peat is and remains a CO2 intensive activity. In addition, Gediflora has put a lot of effort into optimising its energy consumption. For example, the use of gas has been further reduced in favour of the beneficial use of residual heat. Using fewer fossil fuels means fewer CO2 emissions.

Using electricity in a more sensible way reduces the consumption of energy, which produces a win-win situation for both Gediflora and the environment.

However, our work is still ongoing. In the coming years Gediflora will continue to invest in a greener future. Dream, discover, dare, do, go on and do better, also where sustainability is at stake!