Introduction 3 new collections at Flower Trials 2018

19 Apr 2018

From 12 till 15 June, it’s that time of the year again. At the Flower Trials, Gediflora will present some new features in the Belgian Mum range. The toppers that we are releasing this year are ‘Dazzling Aduro’, ‘Magnetic Amiko’ and ‘Adorable Arluno’.

The intense colours of the Aduro family

Flower Trials - Dazzling AduroDazzling Aduro

The stunning, bi-coloured flowers of the Aduro variety are trendy newcomers in the Belgian Mums collection. This collection stands out by its anemone shaped flowers with an intense and beautifully rich coloured centre. The striking Aduros with a flower diameter of 5 cm in conspicuous violet and orange already existed. Pink and red are new variants. This impressive Mum lasts long and is an intense eye-catcher with a dark crop.

The Dazzling Aduros radiate heat and provide a solid stripe of color both indoors and outdoors. Due to the extremely long shelf life, you can enjoy this unique Belgian Mum up to six weeks. Aduro is a hit in our range.

The large flowered Amiko family

Flower Trials - Magnetic AmikoMagnetic Amiko

Magnetic Amiko is a symbol of irresistible beauty. This Belgian Mum has a large flower with a diameter of up to six cm and is available in a wide variety of colours. These beauties will definitely extend the summer feeling.

The charming Arluno family

Flower Trials - Adorable ArlunoAdorable Arluno

The Adorable Arluno collection of 4 bright colors is an asset to the Belgian Mums Range. Those who like a strong pink color should definitely choose the Arluno pink. This Belgian Mum is a precious eye-catcher. The Arlunos are excellent for mid-September natural day production both inside and outside.

Discover our new highlights during the Flower Trials in the Westland region at the Florensis location. Our Mum team will welcome you with a delicious mum-taste.


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