First grower’s day

03 Sep 2018

On August 30th, Gediflora set off with about 40 growers to the heart of the floricultural sector. First the group visited SV.CO in De Lier where the growers received a tour and a presentation. Then the group got a tour at the brand new Green Trade Center of Waterdrinker in Aalsmeer. The day ended with an inspiring presentation by Wouter de Vries.

Gediflora believes that seeing the good example makes you think about what you do yourself and especially what you can do better. That is why Gediflora, together with Carl Sales Support, organized an informative trip to the Netherlands for a limited group of Belgian growers. In the morning we went to SV.CO. As a leading grower, they know better than anyone else how to respond to the needs of their customers, but also to the needs of the end consumer. Their marketing and flexibility in combination with top quality is excellent.

After the lunch, the group went to Aalsmeer for a tour at the brand new Green Trade Center of Waterdrinker. In the buildings of this wholesaler and exporter, the growers were given a tour. Then the group was inspired by Wouter de Vries, author of ‘Blue Bananas’. During his presentation Wouter showed how growers can create unique core skills and a distinctive character.

Afterwards, opinions could be exchanged with a snack and a drink. The group went home with a lot to think about.

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