Carl Sales Support: “Making the Chrysantemum appealing”

08 Mar 2016

Making the ball-shaped Chrysantemum more attractive to the customer buying our product in the shop , that’s what we all are trying to achieve. As the product follows its path from grower to customer, we face a number of challenges that need to be addressed: attractive packaging, better ways to position cargo, innovating colours, different flower varieties,… there are lots of aspects that can boost the appeal and image of Mums.

To identify what could be improved,Gediflora recently started a cooperation with Carl Sales Support, based in Honselersdijk (NL). Managing Director Carl Grootscholte and his colleague Hilde Visser have extensive knowledge of the potted plants market and how they are transported and marketed.

Based on extensive research in the field they will assess what can be improved when it comes to sales, communication, marketing… and how to make Mums an attractive product for the customer in the shops.

So, if you get a call from Carl or Hilde, please be so kind to help them as much as possible. As a grower, your expertise of the product and the sales channel is a vital part to make a success of this effort to make the Mum appealing.

Thank you!