World Bee Day

20 May 2023

Our Mum plants : a boost for bees

Bees are fond of colorful, fragrant flowers. They are particularly attracted to yellow, white, blue and purple colors. Chrysanthemums are valuable flowers for bees because they flower in the fall. At that particular time of the year, bees find few flowers and plants that are in flower. Chrysanthemums are therefore the ideal source of vitamins for them before starting their winter hibernation.

Important role

Some people consider bees as nasty little critters, but they definitely play an important role in our natural environment. This is why we should give them a helping hand. Through the pollination and fructification of chrysanthemums – and flowers in general – they generate a huge biodiversity. They also assist the cultivation of a wide variety of fruit and vegetable as well as producing honey.

They need our support

Without our support, the little critters are unable to survive and nature would lose both its vigor and diversity. Therefore, we are an important link in the chain and dependent on each other. Creating a bee-friendly landscape on your terrace or in your garden is an important first step in supporting and encouraging bees to continue their work . Each Chrysanthemum gives the bees a well-needed helping hand. Moreover, you enjoy a nice view when the bees are busy collecting pollen. Do you live in the city? A few flower pots on your terrace can already make a difference!