Love flourishes at Gediflora

14 Feb 2023

It is February and shop windows are turning red. February is the month dedicated love. The workplace is a place where colleagues interact in a professional manner. But sometimes a romantic spark can be spotted in the workplace. At Gediflora, for instance, we also have 2 lovebirds within the team. We invite them to share their love story with you.

A boundless love story

Aleksandra (32) and Michal (33) are both of Polish origin, met 11 years ago in the Netherlands and have been living/working in Belgium for 10 years. They met in an apartment building in the Netherlands where they rented flats on different floors. “Our acquaintance is actually a funny anecdote,” Aleksandra has to admit. “One day my doorbell rang and Michal was at the door with a laundry basket in his hand. His washing machine was broken and he asked if he could use the washing machine this one time. One thing led to another, and 10 years later I am still doing his dirty laundry,” Aleksandra laughs. Michal: “My neighbour had told me that there was a sweet Polish girl living on the 6th floor, and I thought maybe I could get in touch with her that way.” A few months later, they came together to Belgium where they started living together and they are happily married for four years now.


The fact that Aleksandra and Michal work in the same company means that they see each other a lot. “The advantage is that we can always drive to work together which means we only need 1 car. Financially, that is a big advantage,” says Michal. Real disadvantages the couple do not immediately experience from working in the same company. Aleksandra: “We do work in the same company, but we don’t have to work together very often. Michal is more active in production and I am part of the breeding team. We also try to be professional during breaks. During his breaks, Michael sits with his colleagues from production and I sit with my colleagues from breeding. During working hours, we are colleagues rather than a couple.”

Their love sealed

In 2019, the couple got married. Surrounded by family, friends and some close colleagues, they said I DO to each other. We wish these lovebirds lots of happiness in their professional as well as romantic lives.

Happy Valentine!