Gediflora is ‘most staff-friendly company’ of West Flanders

20 May 2019

Gediflora has been chosen by Unizo as the “most staff-friendly company” in our province. Together with four other provincial laureates, we competed for the national title. That honorary title eventually went to marketing agency NMG from Aarschot in Flemish Brabant.

The competition was launched by Unizo on the Day of the Employee, better known as Secretary Day, on the third Thursday of April. “With provincial competition laureates and a winning company, we are pushing role models forward for other SME employers,” says Unizo Managing Director Danny Van Assche. “At the same time, we want to show our gratitude to the many employees who are responsable for the success of our SMEs. Moreover, this competition is a means to demonstrate the good relationship between the boss and his staff in SMEs. Unfortunately, this good understanding makes the news much less than the contradictions between trade unions and employers. ”