22 Apr 2022

Earth Day takes place on 22 April every year. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of our planet and life on it. It is our aim therefore at Gediflora to do our utmost to help take great care of our planet.  Below you will find the various initiatives we have put in place to meet these challenges.

Connection to the  MIROM local heating network

Gediflora is connected to the local heating network of Roeselare (Belgium). A heating network offers an eco-friendly alternative to individual heating systems. The principle is quite straightforward: a large heating plant in this case, the incinerator of MIROM in Roeselare, distributes heat via an underground hot water pipeline system to companies and housing units where it is fed into the heating system of the buildings. The water, that is subsequently cooled down, then flows back to the heating plant, where it is reheated.

As a result of using this local heating network, Gediflora is able to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 653 tons per year. That is approximately equivalent to 93 return flights to Australia.

Solar panels

There are also a large number of solar panels installed on the roofs of Gediflora. The total electricity demand at Gediflora amounts to 485 MW per year of which the solar panels provide 30%. This equals 18 performances of the U2 rock band, 1,168 sauna sessions and the supply of electricity for 138 families.

In other words, our solar panels generate 130 MW per year. Thanks to our solar panel system, we are able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by 81.5 tonnes, which is equivalent to 40 return flights to New York.


Initiatives to use water in the best possible way

We try to use every drop of water as efficiently as possible. The rainwater is used for ebb-and-flow irrigation, spraying via the irrigation booms, high-pressure misting and drip irrigation. Click on the link below and read how we at Gediflora make an effort to use water in a sensible and responsible way: